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New Year, New You


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Hey guys!

I hope you are all happy and healthy! We are currently hitting the gym hard, and feeling the burn this Holiday Season:).
I just wanted to invite you to a night where you can enjoy some discounts on your monthly memberships, Nutrition training, and more!
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You and your friends can enjoy:
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This will be a great chance to get hooked up with training for the new year. I will have some great sales going on!
DoTerra Products:
As I have developed in my fitness journey, learning and growing, I have found myself turning towards natural/pure/holistic products and foods because they make me FEEL and look my best.
While training so hard, I enjoy supplementing with fish oils, omega’s, BCAA’s and proteins. I feel like these are all necessary in a person’s diet (especially healthy people like yourselves—who are working so hard every time you come to a workout!)
For those of you who know me, know I don’t “prescribe” anything to you or my clients without trying it FIRST on myself. I do this in EVERYTHING I use with my personal training and nutrition (I even do this with the workouts you do here with me. If I can’t finish a workout, why should I ask you to do the same? Train by example right?:)
Some of you have experienced the 10 Day and 30 Day Cleanse I created. As well as the 2 week Green Smoothie Challenge, Extreme Week (Hell), or just your monthly memberships (including body measurements every 6 weeks, and weigh ins every 2) and have seen great results!
Its awesome supplementing your diet with clean, whole foods. (I piloted the Cleanse on myself before I started implementing it into my classes and clients. I have LOVED the results!)
That being said, I have been really looking into Essential Oils (and vitamins and their sources) and the “non invasive” medical/physical/mental benefits (for myself and my family—well this is how it started). I studied certain oils, found better vitamins/fish oils/omega’s/proteins and began to implement them into my daily fitness routines.
The company I came across with a great products (oils, vitamins etc) in all the areas I was looking for was DoTerra. I have been implementing their products into my life, and have really enjoyed the benefits!
I hope to share with you some of my story on Tuesday, about the products that can maximize your results in the gym with my programs. I want to help you FEEL your best, and look your best!
See you soon!

Hell Week!

This week is Hell Week again baby! Really my favorite week ever. Its where we try a little harder. We do more. We track our progress. We commit to be better. WE KICK our TRASHES. You may barf, you may feel a little light headed, you may even want to give up—but by the end of the week you will be better, stronger and proud of yourself for doing and finishing something hard. Its all worth it.

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Outdoor Workout

Just got back from the beautiful mountains of Idaho, what an amazing place! Thank goodness I brought my workout gear because I would have missed out on a great opportunity:) Check out this video (no equipment needed) try it today!