Mondays and Wednesdays

5am PT, 6am MST, 8am ET


You won’t find this ANYWHERE else! Workout ANYTIME, Any day! The LIVE feed will interrupt the workout playlist!

Iron Core Yoga:

This is a workout designed to build core strength. You will stretch, twist, and BURN. Combinations of Pilates and Yoga mixed with light free-weights (Iron) will give your body the ultimate challenge.

Cardio Kickboxing:

Like to box? Like to SWEAT? This workout is a mix of boxing on the bags, martial arts and sports moves designed to get your heart pumping and your body sweating. A full hour of hard-core-hitting and kicking, then finishing off with body toning—will leave you geared up and ready for anything. If you don’t own a bag—no problem just turn on your TV or favorite mobile device and get moving! Try a FREE Cardio Kickboxing Workout  here: CARDIO KICKBOX WORKOUT

Shockfit Workout:

This could mean any combination of any type of workout. Picture every muscle group in your body being a possible target, and every fiber of your being getting a great workout. Including (but please, not limited to:)) Boot Camp/Crossfit-type workouts, HIIT Training, Interval Training, Weight Training, Cardio, Strength, Agility Training, and Sports Drills… Every workout will be a “mental push” to see how hard you can drive yourself. All aspiring athletes welcome!


HURRY its FREE (for now)