Emily (lost 17+lbs so far!)

“I started coming to Body By Shock a few months after my baby was born. I was in the post- baby slump and really wanted to get my body back to something I liked seeing in the mirror. Jessi’s whole program is amazing- not only do the workouts seriously push you to the limit, but I have learned how to watch what I eat and how to eat better, and snack better. The whole program is so personalized, from weigh- ins to specialized recipes to encouraging emails. The classes are fun, filled with variety, and give you such an amazing all-around workout.  In the 5 months I have been a part of Body by Shock I have not only gotten down even further than my pre- baby weight, but I feel toned and stronger. My energy levels are higher and I feel so much better about myself.”


Summer (Lost 3+inches so far!)

“I joined Body By Shock just over a year ago, and I’m absolutely addicted.  Jessi Shock has been the best trainer (BY A MILE) I have ever come across.  Her workouts vary greatly and include plyometrics, boxing, power yoga, boot camps, step classes, and etcetera.  With her gift for keeping things fresh and motivating people throughout the workouts, I leave her gym feeling accomplished, exhausted, and fabulous.   I’ve tried to do similar workouts in other settings, but without Jess, I just can’t seem to push myself.  She works with people of all shapes, ages, and fitness levels.  It doesn’t matter to her if you’re an elite athlete or geriatric and obese!  All she asks if for you to be motivated to WORK, and she will meet you at your level.  Jess is very educated in all aspects of health and is passionate about sharing her expertise, so that you can feel and look your very best.  Too bad for you if you don’t join Body By Shock!”


Karen (Lost 7lbs, and many inches so far!)
I have come a long way. Prior to joining, I really did not watch what I ate and was addicted to Mountain due. I would often drink a 32 ounce drink on a daily basis, I’m sure my calorie intake was close to the 3000/day, I really didn’t keep track and would have deserts on a regular basis. I did exercise and considered that good enough. In fact I figured if I exercised I could justify what I ate. I was not good at eating fruits or veggies.

Well, since having Jessi as a trainer I have learned that diet is in fact more important than exercising and that if I really put my mind to it I could achieve results. I have tried in the past to lose weight and never succeeded. I was to the point that I never thought I could drop and was just getting older. I have never had a trainer before so I thought I would give it a try. She kept me motivated and encouraged me. She was never overbearing. I had someone to account to so I had to get my workouts in. She got me into counting calories and. . . wow!! I suddenly realize how much I had been eating. How many calories I wasted just in my Mountain due. I had to make big changes to my diet but I did it one little step at a time and made changes that were realistic otherwise I knew I would fail. It was hard to count calories but it helped me start to eat more fruits and vegetables and soon I realized that they weren’t so bad and that I really almost never ate them. I started feeling better and soon was backing off my Mountain Due and exchanging it for Crystal light w caffeine of course. Anyway it was not easy, it was long and drawn out but after time I was able to form some good habits that I could keep and the changes made me feel so good. And the biggest motivator was actually seeing some results. I never thought I would be under 140 and have not been since high school and thru Jessi’s training I have gotten to my lowest weight and maintained it (which I never thought could happen). Its not a lot of weight to lose but it is amazing the difference.

I love the classes. I was doing Insanity prior to starting and felt like I was in shape; however I soon found out I was far from it after getting my butt kicked in some of the classes. There is a great variety of different classes from kick boxing to yoga/ iron core, to more of a cross fit type work out. I have worked different muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I thought yoga was just stretching and meditating but the Iron core had me sweating and tremoring trying to hold the position. You never plateau. It is a great mix and fun environment that encourages me to keep going and I find myself getting much better workouts than if I was doing it on my own at home. I love the friendship that I have developed with those that I work out with. Its been amazing!