30 Day Whole Body Cleanse


Yes I Want the 30 Day Cleanse Now!

Why Cleanse?

Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins. Some we breathe, some we absorb, and most we ingest. Our bodies natural detoxification process is pretty amazing but it can’t possibly keep up with the growing exposure to these toxic chemicals and pollutants.

30 Day Whole Body Cleanse

Whether you want to reduce this burden on your body, or kick start a new healthy lifestyle, detoxification through targeted nutrition is a safe, effective approach to optimizing liver function and better health overall.

The benefits of cleansing are huge including healthier skin, increased energy, improved mood and better digestion.

How It Works:

I want you to break up your 30 days into 4 weeks (the day you start, is the day you end in the next month).  Each week we will focus on a new layer of detoxification. You will begin your cleanse by cutting out specific food groups until week 4 when you will be completely off of everything but what is on the list. A complete pack of DoTERRA cleansing product will help you detox and eliminate. (includes 1 30 Day Supply of Zendochrine Detoxification Blend in your Cleanse Price).

What You Will Need:

  1. The first thing you are going to want to do is choose to cleanse at a time that is right for you—when you know you will be able to stick to the program and won’t likely be tempted to cheat. Don’t set yourself up to fail. If you know you are going to be traveling, don’t start. If you know you will have to entertain guests for a weekend in your home, don’t start. Now I realize life happens and we are all busy, but try and pick a time where you can really focus on this cleanse. I promise if you do, you will be rewarded mentally and physically in ways you can’t even comprehend now.

This has been a “life changer” for me personally. I have benefitted immensely and so has my family.

  1. Remember how I said don’t set yourself up to fail? GO GROCERY SHOPPING. Stock your fridge and pantry up with lots of good, healthy, nutritious whole foods that will compliment this cleanse. Another key to staying committed is by planning ahead. If you know you are going to be gone all day, get up early and make a few snacks, a healthy lunch and put the ingredients in for a healthy crockpot dinner—one that will be ready for you when you are finished with a long day, and hungrier than ever.

  2. A journal to keep your thoughts, and feelings in. PLEASE write in your journal EVERY DAY. I have written each day in my journal (life got busy, and it was harder to remember for some days than others) and looking back now, reading my notes, I am empowered for the future.

My Own Experience:

Day 13

I feel like this is becoming a part of me! For the first time in the cleanse, I feel like I am really helping my body. I feel empowered (not to cheat) whenever I go anywhere, I am prepared with healthy snacks, and options for the hunger. But as each day passes, I don’t crave the sugary, carbs, and proteins that I used to. I am changing! My mentallity is changing too. By this I really feel like eating clean is the way to go. I want to keep some of these habits for the long haul. I like that this cleanse is 30 days, because it allows me to make some new (healthier) habits before its over.

Day 15

I am a new person. I really sincerely feel like that! I noticed today that my skin has been changing. I rubbed my face, and there wasn’t any oil? Weird. Ok it just sort of struck me. I think the whole foods thing is really helping me detox. Its still hard figuring out what to eat after dinner, just before bed, when I am sick of fruits (or I’ve already had a serving on each one and I don’t want to repeat). Just grabbing a peice of bread would be easier!

Day 17

Today was awesome. I don’t get that afternoon SLUGGISH feeling anymore, and when I drive, I am not as sleepy. I also noticed that my pants are looser, and my muscles are pushing through on my thighs (I hate the layers and layers of fat on those things!) I feel like my guts are getting lighter too ( I know this may sound weird, but I actually feel like they are lighter!). Food combinations are getting easier, I add the weirdest stuff together!

Day 21

I feel like the knowledge I have gained is invaluable. I want to share it with the world! I am constantly looking on Pinterest for new recipes with Quinoa ( there are literally thousands!) and stuff. There are tons of websites out there for whole living too. I like the options that I never knew existed (many of which I didn’t know about at the beginning of the cleanse). I weighed myself today, and am down 5 lbs! I really wasn’t looking to lose weight, but I did! I feel so healthy, and can’t wait to keep my family going in this direction. I now have tried to get myself more organized. I bought tupperwares (flat and wide) to go in my fridge so I can keep the greens (for smoothies) on hand, and always fresh and crisp. This has helped so much! I added a hanging shoe organizer to the back of my pantry door, so I can always have fresh fruits and veggies easily accessible, and I hung up my measuring cups on the inside of my cabinet door, so I can reach them quickly. I also now keep the Ninja OUT ON THE COUNTER, because that is how frequent I use it!

 Yes I Want to do the 30 Day Cleanse Now! $150*

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