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 Shockfit Workouts:



Iron Core: This is a workout designed to build core strength. You will stretch, twist, and BURN. Combinations of Pilates and Yoga mixed with light free-weights (Iron) will give your body the ultimate challenge.

Bags & Extra’s: Like to box? Like to SWEAT? This workout is a mix of boxing on the bags, martial arts and sports moves designed to get your heart pumping and your body sweating. A full hour of hard-core-hitting and kicking, then finishing off with body toning—will leave you geared up for a great weekend. These are the gloves that I would recommend—they are perfect for the workout-

Boot Camp Workout: This could mean any combination of any type of workout. Picture every muscle group in your body being a possible target, and every fiber of your being getting a great workout. Including (but please, not limited to:)) Boot Camp/Crossfit-type workouts, HIIT Training, Interval Training, Weight Training, Cardio, Strength, Agility Training, and Sports Drills… Every workout will be a “mental push” to see how hard you can drive yourself. All aspiring athletes welcome!

Weight Training: Free weights, barbells, medicine balls, kettle bells, bands and body weight. Upper body and Lower body. This is probably my favorite day…

Step:  Like to get a good burn? This workout doesn’t stop until the music runs out. Basic step moves (using a 4-6in step) will be introduced, and then “drilled” into your body and brain. Don’t worry, you will enjoy this class even if you have “two left feet”.

Old Main: This may bring you back to those college days, of hiking the stairs at USU to get to your classes! We will be doing more than just “hiking” when we arrive though. Be ready to climb, squat, and run the stairs like you never have before. It is a great way to cross train your body, and the time flies by as you work as hard as you can.


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